Colourful, vibrant, unique and engaging.

Colourful, vibrant, unique and engaging.

Kids First Children’s Services specialise in supporting children of all ages and abilities as they become confident and independent.  They have an award-winning team of highly trained psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers who have years of experience working with children and families.

They deal with pre-schoolers who would benefit from school readiness and social skill development and school aged children who need confidence-building literacy, writing or maths tuition.  

They also offer expert Child Psychology, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy support with a multi-disciplinary team of experienced paediatric health professionals.


The challenge presented to us:

Kid’s First wanted a colourful and “playful” looking site that showcased their many services.  They needed to convey a lot of information and yet keep things simple to navigate and put visitors at ease.

They had just done a redesign of their website 6 months before working with us and their Google rankings had taken a nose dive. The situation was dire, the phone wasn’t ringing and they were not ranking when previously they had been.

Naturally Sonja was hesitant to spend a chunk of cash so soon after getting her new site – but with the rankings as bad as they were and the usability and clients friendliness sub par (to put it mildly) we had no choice but to start over the site (we kept most of the content).

The process we followed to provide a solution:

First we took stock of just how bad things were, then we came up with a solution to fix it .

The look and feel of the site is fun and lively. Having so many different services that serve such different needs, creating a visitor journey was essential

The custom photo frames we created add a “kidsey” feel that keeps the visitor feeling light in spite of the fact that they may be visiting the site with genuine concerns about their child’s development.

We worked very closely with the staff at Kid’s First on creating the perfect site for their needs.

We advised on video content and how to generate a consistent flow of video content both for the site and social media.

We defined target markets, ideal clients and came up with strategies to reach them (both online and offline). 

Like all of our sites, Kid’s First looks great on mobile phones as well as desktops.

We advised on photography and did photo editing where required.

Specific highlights of the project and ongoing consulting:

We created custom buttons for navigation, a sliding banner for Kid’s First’s many awards and embedded video.

We trained the Kids First team on how to do “on-page SEO” in-house on an ongoing basis, what google looks for and how to “speak” to the search engines and to the parents visiting the site.

We set up a resource centre where potential clients can download valuable information to help with their child and automation behind it to nurture and educate the parents to get the best outcome for their child and encourage them to become clients. This nurture sequence was segmented into the interests of the recipient so they weren’t getting information on no interest.

We created templated assets that could be used with simple free tools like “Canva” to keep the brand consistent without having to use us for every blog post or new staff member (we extended on the circular “scribbles” in the logo) .

Ongoing consulting

We worked closely with Sonja and her team for about 18 months after the launch of the site. This consisted of quarterly strategic planning sessions and, for a time, weekly sessions where we acted as part of the leadership team training them on a business management system until they were confident to bring it in-house entirely.

We helped create systems for promoting in person seminars and follow ups to generate new clients, advised on internet marketing best practice and helped create the framework to bring things in-house as soon as possible.

We helped identify when there was a staff capacity issue and address the hiring process.


Their Results:

Now Kids First are pretty much on their own, Sonja reaches out from time to time – but they don’t need us any more on a consistent basis.

They are ranking number 1 for every service they offer.

Revenue has increased and so has profit and they are looking to expand into new premises shortly.

You can see what Sonja has to say in the “What our clients say”  section below.


You can visit the Kids First Childrens Services site here

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Testimonial Sonja Walker – Director Kids First Children’s Services

In one year, our high 6 figure business’ turnover increased by an additional 11%...

In that same year, we found new ways to connect with our ideal clients

We kept pace with the ever changing world of online marketing…

We refreshed and refined our website

We got on the front page of Google for our key disciplines… (and stayed there)

We got smart with our people and processes

And we got crystal clear about what we were doing, and why we were doing it…

All because we had the help and support of eSense Web Design and its professional team, led by the inspirational and innovative Marama Carmichael.

Marama’s knowledge of the intricacies of online marketing is second to none.

And what she doesn’t know about building a business that has both purpose and profit is not worth knowing.

Marama’s astute guidance and business acumen has enabled Kids First Children’s Services to not only consolidate, but also to grow.

eSense is absolutely professional.

Its teams’ skills are consistently cutting edge and current.

They are always approachable and have a ‘can-do’ attitude. And they are diligently dedicated to their clients’ success.

eSense is all about totally trustworthy business support that builds confidence and rapid results.

I simply couldn’t have done it without them. 

~ Sonya Walker

NB: Medi Health Strategies is a division of eSense web Design

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