Case Study: Crossways Health Centre. Bringing an old fashioned practice into the present

Case Study: Crossways Health Centre. Bringing an old fashioned practice into the present

Crossways Health centre is a good old fashioned family medical practice. They have been in business since the 1970’s and never had a website before. We helped them join the modern age with a website that integrates seamlessly with the patient software they use in the surgery and conveys their unique style.

Background and the goals of the web project:

Crossways are a general medical practice who have been a part of the community since the 70’s. There are 4 directors of the company (all doctors one retired) and 5 GP’s working in the health centre as well as a small surgery, pathology collection and allied health professionals. As a wholistic medical centre they have a number of services available.

Their wonderful reception staff were struggling to keep up with the busy waiting room and handle the phone with enquiries and bookings etc.

They had been relying on word of mouth and their long standing in the community but it was time to take the plunge and get online.

They had recently added a new registrar to the medical team so their books were open again for the 1st time in years and no-one knew it.

Also there was a lot of old and out of date information if you Googled “Crossways Health Centre” since they had no official representation online Google was getting what it could form old listings etc and most of it was no longer accurate..

The main goals were ;

  1. To provide a way for their patients to book online (saving the receptionist sanity and making it easier for their patients).
  2. To provide information to their patients, such as when flu shots were available, when it was time for heath checks and any other health related information.
  3. To be a true online representation and source of information of their unique caring family practice. Including background , Dr’s bio’s, services available etc.
  4. To have easy contact information, maps, opening hours etc.
  5. To attract new patients as they move into the area and let them know that new patients were welcome.
  6. To be EASY. They are a busy practice and most definitely did NOT want any extra work.


What we did and the results:

After spending time going through our discovery and strategy process we created a website that met all of the goals above (and a few others).

Like all of our sites the Crossways website looks great on mobile phones as well as desktops.

The look and feel of the site is one of calm and professional comfort with design that is easy to follow and speaking to their client base.

The address and contact details and opening hours with a map are right on the home page. Super easy to find.

We integrated the practice management system they have been using for years, just bringing in an online interface. So there was no learning curve for the reception staff at all.

We worked very closely with one of the directors on creating all of the copy on the site.

We advised on photography and did photo editing.

We also re-created their existing logo so they can use it elsewhere.

What they said immediately afterwards:

Great work – Thank you very much. The end result was a good-looking, tasteful website which reflects our character as a business, and it seems to be being effective as far as we can see at this stage. Most days we see an online appointment or two now – so we know it is working. Some of these are new patients. The team were also very easy to work with.

EDIT – September 2017.
I was in there the other day and the receptionist spontaneously let me know that there had been 10 online bookings that Monday. Everyone is really happy and even the older patients are using the new system.

Visit Crossways site live 


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