Dr Sean Nicklin specialist authority website

Dr Sean Nicklin specialist authority website

Keeping a simple, clear and clean look whilst delivering everything you could want to know about Dr Nicklin’s expertise.

Dr Sean Nicklin is a Plastic Surgery Specialist of the Breast, Abdomen and Hand.

His private practice is run from Randwick Plastic Surgery, Sydney. In the public system he is Head of Plastic Surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick and a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon at the Royal Hospital for Women. He is also a Hand Surgeon at Sydney Hospital and a Paediatric Plastic Surgeon at Sydney Children’s Hospital as well as a Supervisor of Plastic Surgery Trainees and a Clinical Lecturer at Sydney University. 

The challenge presented to us

Laura from Dr Nicklin’s team came to us looking for a comprehensive marketing plan for both Dr Nicklin and Randwick Plastic Surgery. The existing sites had a lot of issues and duplication in both content and purpose, so it was a little confusing. The Sean Nicklin site had a lot of content that should have been on the Randwick Plastic Surgery site and the RPS site had out dated information. 

Laura and Dr Nicklin wanted a very clean and uncluttered site with a lot of information including not only the procedures he offers but also his medical publications.  He wanted his passion and philosophy to shine through without things being confusing.


The process we followed to provide a solution:

After spending time going through our discovery and strategy process we developed an overriding strategy for both sites and  for some future ventures. We spent quite a bit of time on patient avatars to really narrow down who Dr Nicklins patients are and what is important to them, what makes Sean different.

The Sean Nicklin website is the authority site for Sean to show his expertise and passion and support the (still in development) Randwick Plastic Surgery site.

Like all of our sites, Dr Nicklin’s website looks great on mobile phones as well as desktops.

The look and feel of the site is one of calm and professional comfort, presenting a feeling of trustworthiness along with a classic and simple looking design that is easy to navigate.

We worked very closely with Dr Nicklin’s office on creating all of the copy on the site.

We advised on photography and did photo editing to give a feeling of connection to Dr Nicklin and accessibility to the procedures.

Specific feature highlights:

The site features a very calm layout that is easy to navigate with links to the main practice site for each of Dr Nicklin’s specialist procedures.

The photos in the headers on each page were edited to include space for a personal quote from Dr Nicklin and made black and white to give a calming and reassuring tone to the site.

We used more “natural” images than your standard plastic surgeon site for the procedures page to emphasise Dr Nicklin’s philosophy of  surgery as a means to a fuller life.

The procedures page links back to the parent site for bookings and further information (NB currently it is linking to the old site while the new one is going through a re-brand and re-development)

Their Results:

The Sean Nicklin site is all about the credibility and simplicity. It exudes calm professional compassionate care.

In the month or so since launch the search visibility has gone up by 54% compared to the old version of the site .

On our customer satisfaction survey Laura rated

1. the look and style of the final website

2. the usability and ease of navigation and

3. how well the final website fulfilled the needs of the business

all as “excellent’

We are currently working on a re-brand and new site for the main Randwick Plastic Surgery site and Laura would ‘definitely” recommend us to her friends or business associates.

You can explore the site at  seannicklin.com.au

Do you have a specialist Dr and a clinic you need strategy on? Contact us to discuss how we can solve your challenges as well.


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