Two different websites for keeping things clearly defined.

Two different websites for keeping things clearly defined.

The challenge presented to us:

Dr Sarah McKay’s  main goal was to create a site that was a source of information for their various clients, a marketing tool and client generation tool.
The Your brain health site is all about providing a platform for education and positioning Dr Sarah McKay as a thought leader and make neuroscience accessible to the general public with a specific emphasis on Neuroscience for wellbeing professionals.

Your brain health builds Dr Sarah’s profile and influence and also her database.

The Neuro Academy site is an online learning program, it leverages Dr Sarah’s knowledge and expertise.  

The process we followed to provide a solution:

After spending time going through our discovery and strategy process we created a website that met all of the goals above (and a few others).

Like all of our sites, both of Sarah’s websites looks great on mobile phones as well as desktops.

The look and feel of both sites are different and yet have a connectivity.  The use of water in the images is calming and yet vibrant, reflecting Sarah’s personality. The imagery is in keeping with the neuro academy brand with natural images that imply the complexity of the brain without resorting to brain diagrams.

Dr Mackay knows her audience exceptionally well and is a writer (she has a book coming out soon) so she did all of her own copy writing for both sites.

We sourced imagery that was “on brand” and and did photo editing where required.|

We created a new logo for “Your Brain Health” that fitted with the existing logo and brand Dr McKay already had for “The Neuro Academy”


Specific feature highlights:

We created a fully fledged membership system to allow for member only access to course material for students on the Neuroscience Academy site as well as reviews and testimonials.

The Your Brain Health site has embedded video of TEDx talks, a blog and “calls to action” for free downloads.

Both sites interconnect to each other via prominent links.


Their Results:

The Neuro Academy has been launching successfully approximately 2 x a year for the last few years since it’s initial launch with approx 100 students in each intake.

Dr Mackay’s influence and recognition has grown and she has been picked up by a publisher with her book to be launched soon.


You can visit the two websites at  and

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